The First Step
You're taking the First Step just by being here on this Website!

And this is exactly where you need to be! 
Business Connection Websites is all about helping you grow your Small Business.  Everybody has a Website these days.  Even individuals and families have their own Websites.  With this in mind, your company needs a dynamic presence on the internet, mostly because people expect you to have one.

Now, here's the Good News...  Having a Website built for your Small Business is very easy to do.  After you contact me, I'll sit down with you (if you're local, no problem if you're not) and we'll discuss how you want your business to be represented on the internet.
There are many different ways we can approach your "Online Image".  I personally recommend a Welcome Page to your Customers with a short Video welcoming your Customers to your new Website.  I own professional video equipment and can make High Definition quality Videos recording you giving a greeting to your Customers with very little planning.  Trust me on this... This is HUGE for potential Customers that are looking at your Website.  They will see and hear you welcoming them to your Website, much like a welcome you would give when they walk into you business.  This will create a memory of you that will "trigger" when they arrive at your business.  You have already greeted and welcomed them once on your Website, and now they feel comfortable and they will remember seeing you and hearing your voice in the Video and they will feel right at home.  "Yep, that's the Guy/Gal in the Video."

I can build an outstanding Trial Website for you to look at in the comfort of your home or office on your computer.  That way, you can see what your Customers will see.  I can make modifications to your Trial Website in real time - while you watch.  When I get everything looking exactly the way you want it, I'll provide you with the payment options & we'll go from there.

Your first month of Tech Support is free.  This gives me 30 days to fine-tune your Website so that everything is working properly.  After a month of error-free operation, I'll invoice you for my Design Fee and you'll be on your way!